summer dinner parties and peonies

// summer dinner parties are my favourite, except when i have to host them. then they are a nightmare 

// i've also been loving the fact that it's peony season right now. they are hands down my favourite flowers and i've spent a little too much on them so far. but i'm okay with that


oh hello

i seem to be updating this blog every month or so. i know that it's a bit sporadic, but i have another blog that i've been working on with a friend which i update daily, so that has been taking up much of my 'blogging' time.

it's hard to put into words exactly how this last month has been. challenging, roller coaster, tiring. these are just a few that come to mind. exams seem to be the death of me right now. for some reason second year seems to be just so much more challenging than first. i've been fortunate up until now to have a fairly good relationship with school. i wouldn't say it's been easy, but never as challenging as this year seems to have been. i guess everyone reaches a point in university where things just seem that much harder, for most it seems to be first year when people are trying to adjust to the new school system (compared to high school), and i guess for me it's second.

it's been frustrating when the things i find most interesting - anatomy, health, physiology- give me the most trouble 'grade' wise. it makes me question if this is really something i should pursue? if i'm struggling so much with the basics, what will happen when i have to learn the more difficult concepts?

i guess that's something that i can focus on later, right now i'm just trying to get through the next two weeks and then i'll be free.

well, i guess i'll update this little blog in about a month or so. until then,



a bunch of pictures that i've been taking this month

^^^ a super awkward selfie to start things off ^^^ 
^^^ love his orange ears ^^^ 
^^^ magaroni ^^^ 
^^^ another selife. but i was having a really good hair day and the lighting was awesome and it needed to be documented ^^^
^^^ caramel soy lattes are my favourite ^^^
^^^ the sass master in all her glory ^^^ 
^^^ cozy socks for this cold weather ^^^
^^^ fynnie! ^^^
^^^ i now have a logo for my life ^^^
^^^ trying to do cool braids yo ^^^ 
^^^ back in the day when my skin was clear and i didn't need makeup ^^^
^^^ true ^^^
^^^ nice sunset ^^^
^^^ "you fit me better than my favourite sweater". thanks mom!!! ^^^
^^^ turt up in tim hortons. and by turnt up i mean we were playing board games and drinking lots of coffee ^^^ 
^^^ makeup ^^^ 
^^^ my favourite place to eat right now ^^^
^^^ david's tea ^^^
^^^ duke before her sassy haircut ^^^

so i haven't posted here in forever because i have another top secret blogging project this year that i've been working on. but i know some people (ie. my parents) still come and check this little blog so i thought i would at least show some of the pictures that have been featured on my other blog. i'm pretty pleased with the way my photography is growing. i feel like i'm slowly, but surely learning the little tricks of the trade.


no one said it would be easy. no one ever said it would be this hard.

(image was found via pinterest)

the lyrics from this song in the title of this post is basically how i feel about the new diet i am trying for the next two weeks. 

no dairy 

no grains 

no sugar