after careful consideration...

so a couple weeks ago i decided to fill out an application to be an orientation week leader for next year. now, i'm far from the stereotypical super outgoing always excited first year leader. but hey, all my friends were doing it and they said it would be fun so i gave it a shot. so at 4am after cramming for a midterm and finishing an assignment i gave this application a go. i'm convinced that 4am is when my best work is accomplished. now i have to tell you, the thing about this position is that it's super competitive. there was probably close to 800 applications for 200 spots. so after filling it out and submitting i was pretty sure i wouldn't get it.

so fast forward to today. application results were being handed out. and guess what, against all odd somehow i got chosen. niiiiicee. i may have squealed a little when i found out. in front of everyone else who got their applications. super cool liz. 

but hey. i'm pretty excited. 

have a good weekend friends. 

love, liz 


best day of my life

just a song that i've been listening to recently

love, liz


st. patrick's day

started the day off at 8 am, didn't stop till 3 am. safe to say it was a success


spring shopping

on my way out to do some spring shopping... and this is what i wore to the mall 

love, liz 



just a little morning breakfast
toast with almond butter and cinnamon sugar
mango lemonade on the side

love, liz


chocolate chocolate

// a little honey bake shop afternoon treat //

love, liz 



we've got a new hair colour over here. dark brown with caramel highlights underneath.

love, liz


10 things i heart

1:: short moccasin boots
2:: sitting at the very top row of the movie theatres 
3:: trying to be a vegetarian and trying new foods i never thought i would eat 
4:: having all my laundry done 
5:: pulling pranks with my whole floor 
6:: perfect temperature weather 
7:: completing assignments before they are due 
8:: hanging out with friends until the early morning hours 
9:: the chlorine smell of sheets in hotel rooms
10:: a good nights sleep