four things that are making me incredibly happy this morning

^^^ i like how my "incredibly happy face" and my "i'm losing my mind" face are basically the same ^^^

1:: sleeping for THIRTEEN HOURS! thank you sleeping pills, thank you thank you
2:: boatfarms vainilla chai tea
3:: waking up to my alarm, which is set to a 24 hour christmas station. love the holidays
4:: having the best wavy bedhead hair, wish it would stay all day


it's that time of the year again...

i wish i was referring to christmas. but alas, it looks as if christmas celebration is going to have to wait a couple of weeks. right now we're down to the the final weeks of school and all hell is breaking loose. assignments are due left and right. finals are imminent. i might not make it guys. this is going to be rough.

on the bright side i got some new moccasins. which i love. although i may have already destroyed them a little bit by wearing them out to a kegger. we got our first snow this weekend which made outside extra awful for brand new shoes. the difficulties i go through, i swear.

- e


plaid and sparkle and twilight

finally got around to seeing breaking dawn part two last. ahhh. it was SO good. {pardon my fangirl moment for a second} first of all, good job to the casting director. everyone was so attractive in that film. i was dying. my friend and i were those girls who were screaming when taylor lautner came on screen and were commenting all throughout the movie. it was fantastic. and then on our way back we stopped at mcdonalds, which hasn't been open for months. twilight and mcdonalds fries in one night? dreams really do come true. 

- E


"we didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun"

it was a crisp foggy morning this monday, which is perfect reason to bust out the cozy sweaters and leggings {at least i thought so}. it's actually ridiculous how happy these two things make me. happy monday! xoxo

- E


stahp it

dear roommate,
for the love of god please stop
i'm tired of listening to your hour + long conversations with your boyfriend and your friends
i'm so tired of hearing you cough every five minutes
i'm tired of listening to your whiny sick voice
i'm tired of hearing you also talk in a baby voice
i'm tired of hearing you yell
i'm tired of this happening two days in a row

dear residence,
you should have built thicker walls. these are paper thin. #icanheareverything #andimoverit

dear liz,
try not to kill yourself over this. #itsthelittlethings


perks of being a wallflower

started out the afternoon with a chai latte at the cutest cafe there is in this city. saw perks of being a wallflower with the sister. i can officially say i'm in love with that film. like seriously if you have not seen it yet, you definitely should! it might even be my favourite movei {sorry nicholas sparks}.

outfit details: {me} sweater: aerie, dress: H&M, tights: who knows where, boots: hunter {sister} dress, H&M, belt: H&M


"i did not march all this way to be locked out by a door"

things that happen at six in the morning. #universitylife


in 24 hours i will be a lot happier

but until then it's time to study for my biology midterm. love school. so. much. 

songs that put a smile on my face... for no particular reason

"i was a lonely soul but that's the old me"

"and there's no stopping us right now" 


that moment after you drink four large caffeinated teas within two hours

and your head feels like it might fall off. or explode. whichever comes first. this is what university has done to me. #healthynothealthy #iknowthisisn'ttwitterbutletsallpretend

ideal man?

quite possibly. #hipsterlove
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