healthy eating at univeristy? ha.

the thought of eating copious amounts of junk food always sounds like an amazing idea in the beginning. like you know when you were younger and you went on long roadtrips/vacations and you would stop at pretty much every mcdonalds during your travels. and as a young kid this was basically the best things that could ever happen to you because mcdonalds = heaven at age ten {or really any age, let's be honest}. but then by the end of your trip the thought of another hamburger and fry meal actually made you feel sick? well university life is my roadtrip and the food here is like mcdonalds. chips. pizza. skittles. granola bars. pop chips. hummus. more pizza. i have eaten waay too much of you and this needs to stop. i can't even remember what real food tastes like its been so long. #serious problems.

*my posts about food issues will stop i promise, but it's kind of a big deal right now. bare with me.


thoughts on life as of lately

there needs to be more time in a day 
readings just need to stop 
as well as biology assignments  
fall weather is a wonderful thing and i am enjoying every second of it 
weekends should be longer 
i can't wait to be done work 
the same old



so i know i'm probably going to regret doing this in a month when i'm broke but right now the thought of not working during the school year is sounding pretty fantastic. 

the fact that the shift i worked before i quit was ridiculously busy and consisted of numerous power outages may or may not have played in my decision to resign. xx

- e 


i really should have just started a series called hunter boots

Sweater: Old Navy, Skirt: American Eagle, Boots: Hunter 

so i have a confession to make. sometimes i don't always wear the outfits in my pictures in real life {ah, i know}. so although it looks as though i only wear hunter boots and striped sweaters, in reality jeans and a baggy t shirt are my uniform. 


layering for fall

Beanie: Roots, Jacket: American Eagle, Sweater: Aerie, Tank Top: Abercrombie and Fitch, Leggings: H&M, Shoes: Bass


food services...

Jacket: American Eagle, Scarf: H&M, Top: Aerie, Jeans: Sirens 

i am not happy with you today, or any other day for that matter. 
eating at university with a wheat intolerance: virtually impossible



dooms day

the dentist is probably my least favourite person. like of all time. because one year i had a cavity. and when i went to get it filled the freezing did not work. and it was bad. so when i found out i had three {!!!} cavities a couple weeks ago it was basically the end of the world.

but the other day i got them filled. there was a mild panic attack involved. but i had a new dentist, and she was kind of fantastic. she sings while she works {you really can't be nervous when your dentist is singing along to britney spears "baby one more time", it just made me laugh}. and she gave me lots of drugs. and it really wasn't as bad as i though it was going to be.

fear of dentists: overcome.


1 2 3 4, tell me that you love me more

1. the most delicious pumpkin spice soy chai tea latte {from timothy's. also, i feel super ridiculous ordering this, it sounds too fancy for me}. now i know it's not from starbucks, but i think it still counts as enjoying fall special drinks. 
2. drinking tea has become an obsession here at university. the amount i drink per day is actually ridiculous.
3. train in the park while the sun sets.
4. baby chickens. possibly my new favourite animal. 
5. a very excited maggie. this is one of my favourite pictures of her.
6. and a very excited duke, who got her hair cut so she's no longer scruffy looking. they're both happy when i come home to visit. 

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Beanie: Roots, Top: H&M, Skirt: Old Navy, Boots: Hunter
i know, i know. i need to find some new shoes to wear. but these are kind of my favourite.

so i've found my favourite professor. he teaches psychology and looks likes he's 84. and he strives to be fair, and often gives out bonus marks. and he's witty. and charming. and he adresses our class as "friends".


first day of class

Jacket: American Eagle, Sweater: The Gap, Leggings: Joe Fresh, Boots: Hunter

normally i would be taking a back to school/first day of class picture with my siblings. but now that i am off at uni, you just get my awkward attempt at a self portrait. xo 

- E 



just because someone likes to spend time alone does that mean that they've failed? failed at being able to make friends. failed at experiencing the "normal" university experience? so many times people look at others who are quiet or like to spend time alone as people who need to break out of their shells. need to open up. they feel bad for them because they think they're not enjoying themselves. but why? it would be ridiculous to expect everyone to be outgoing and chatty all the time. everyone is different. this does not make them wrong. nor does it mean they are unhappy. it simply means that they don't feel the need to be involved in everything all the time. that's all.


awkward and awesome thursday!

taking pictures in residence is challenging. especially when your whole room is yellow. 

- can i just put me at university? and my attempt at being friendly/making small talk. i'm sure i'm not the only student that feels this way first week... but seriously it's a bit ridiculous.
- the number of granola bars i've eaten in the last three days. i think the count is around ten.
- biddies* being drunk at 1 am. and running through the hallways. and knocking on everyones door. and when i say knocking i mean pounding. and then when they pound on my door i jump and maybe scream a bit. because i am scared easily.
- the gluten free meals at frosh. rice seems to be the only thing they think i am able to eat. wrong my friends, wrong. and me clarifying if a stew sauce thing does or does not have lactose in it. and getting the most unimpressed answer. no, obviously not. okay, they didn't say obviously not. at least not out loud. but i could tell that's what they were saying in their head.
- speaking of saying stuff in their head. that moment when you are thinking something about a person close to you and then they say "what?". and you kind of freak out for a second because you think you maybe said it out loud.

- getting my green hunter rain boots in the mail yesterday. this is awesome for two reasons. 1. they were the perfect size and in good condition. i'm always skeptical of ebay, but this time they did good. 2. they arrived moments before i was about to have a break down because university is scary. nothing cheers me up like some hunter wellies. {remember that folks}
- my house being so close to my residence. as in it's a ten minute bus ride. so i am able to go home whenever i forget something. or when home cooked meals sound much better than rice.
- putting up pictures and quotes in my dorm room. and making it not look like a jail cell.
- group cheers for frosh. i kind of love doing that stuff. pep rallies are my thing. mock me if you want, i know my friends do.
- pumpkin soy chai latte. oh. my. gosh.

* biddies: girls between the ages of 17-25 who would fall under the stereotype of a dumb blonde. although they don't have to be blonde. in fact most times they are not.


feels like summer camp

moved into residence today. still can't believe that i'm here. this feels more like a vacation or summer camp. i've unpacked everything, but it doesn't feel permanent.

i don't think i'm good at this whole university frosh week thing. right now i'm sitting in my room writing up this post and i can hear people out in the hallway talking and talking. do i want to go and say hi? no. staying in my room right now sounds good. have i met my room mate yet? no. should i? probably. it's just so much easier to be anti social sometimes.

on a brighter note, i really like my residence. the room is a lot nicer than i thought. small, but nice. and my don is super friendly, and i'm sure the people here will be great once i actually meet them.