so i have a problem ...

Sweater: Urban Outfitters , Long Sleeve Shirt: H&M, Leggings, American Apparel , Flats: Vintage, Glasses: Urban Outfitters  

I do this thing where I buy clothes. And then I return/exchange them the next day. Committing to an article of clothing is really hard.

So of course when I go back to school shopping, you know I'll be back at the mall the next day to exchange things.

Is there some sort of therapy for this? Because I am in need.

Also, after I buy a bunch of new clothes those seem to be the only things I want to wear. It's like my whole closet just disappeared and now I only have the new things I bought. Which is why you'll probably be seeing me wearing a bunch of new things. #shoppingissocomplicated

Oh and guess what? I am now the owner of shiny leggings. And I am in love. Happy Friday!! xoxo

- E
Just Because Friday


back to school shopping

So on Tuesday my mom, sister and I went to the big city of Toronto to do some back to school shopping. Unfortunately the highway was under construction, which meant traffic was insane! {As captured by the photo above}
But after a long long long trip we finally reached our destination! I have never been so happy to see a mall before. Being stuck in traffic is not my thing. 
And then I tried on lots of clothes. {These pictures were taken in Urban Outfitters}. I ended up getting that sweater on the bottom left, which I absolutely love! 
After checking out a few stores we had lunch at Mr. Green Jeans. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a gluten free pizza, which was pretty delicious. 
  We continued to shop and shop. One interesting thing I noticed about Toronto this time of year, they've got all this green space located right on Young Street which actually looks really fantastic. Even though you're right downtown you've got grass and picnic tables just a couple of feet away from you. 
Oh and then I feel in love with J.Crew. I have never been to a J.Crew store, although I stalk them constantly on the internet. Their store was my version of heaven. After seeing this picture again I kind of regret not buying that sweater. If anyone was wondering what I want for my birthday, this would be it. We also found a very fancy shoe store that sold Jimmy Choos and Louboutins. If I had copious amounts of money, I would spend it on such things. 
By the time we were ready to head out it was rush hour. So instead of sitting in traffic for an hour we got dinner at Milestones. So good. Funny thing. Sister is trying out this vegetarian thing, so she ordered a veggie burger. And when they brought it out to her it had bacon on top of it. And they couldn't figure out why she didn't want bacon on her veggie burger.... Crazy kids. 
And this is me being bored on the way home. The sunset was even more incredible in person. All in all it was a pretty good shopping trip, and it was even better spent with these two. 




this fall

Fall Bucket List
1. Make leaf shaped sugar cookies. 
2. Eat pumpkin pie. 
3. Take pictures of the fall colours. 
4. Go for an evening walk once a week and appreciate the weather. 
5. Visit Synder's haunted farm. 
6. Carve a pumpkin. 
7. Enjoy the fall specials at Starbucks. 
8. Celebrate Oktoberfest. 
10. Go to the cottage once the leaves have changed colours. 
11. Wear a poncho. Don't judge too much. 
12. Attend a Halloween party. 
13. Visit Herrle's and walk through the corn maze. 
14. Learn a new makeup trick. 
15. Visit the public library. 
16. Try a new hairstyle. 
17. Watch a movie that takes place durning the fall. 
18. Paint my nails a fall colour. 
20. Watch a live football game.  

So this fall I've made  a bucket list of all the things I want to do this season. And I am super excited. There is something about fall; the cool air, fall leaves, pretty sunsets and cozy layered clothes that I love oh so much. And this list is going to help me make sure I enjoy it to the fullest. I will be linking this list up to posts that have pictures of me completing each of the things on my list and I'm hoping to get through everything before December. So here we go, can't wait.


a trip to starbucks

Did you know that if you go to Starbucks an hour before they close they will come up to you with a platter full of baked goods and let you take one or two just because? It's true. And my friends and I were fortunate enough to be there when this happened. Which lead to copious amounts of cookies and oatcake brownies. We also decided to take lots of pictures because we are those people. D also managed to balance two cups which we all thought was super impressive. And then we went driving around our quaint city blasting music that was definitely waaay too loud for twelve o'clock at night. And it was perfect. Going to miss having everyone together. 


ikea and a fall outfit ... because those two things go together

So these are some of my new fall clothes and it just makes me even more excited for fall. I seriously cannot wait. I've wanted to buy a pair of coloured jeans since forever but I've never found a pair that I thought looked good on me. But then I tried these ones on and I thought they were alright. And they were $20 dollars so I really couldn't say no. And I have to say I love them! They go really nicely with ankle boots which will be perfect for fall and the cranberry colour looks great with black or cream tops. I can already tell these are going to be worn multiple times a week come September. No shame. Top and boots are from Old Navy and Jeans are from Sirens. Oh and sunglasses are from American Eagle. I also tried to edit these photo's using Sydney's tutorial, but I'm well aware that I'm not a professional and my editing skills still need some work. But we're going to go with this today. 

I also went to Ikea today with D and Sisi which was the most fun. You can see some of the pictures I took while we were there. These two do not like getting their picture taken so most of these are creeper shots when I got bored. 

Things I learned while at Ikea: 
  • People need to be awake to enjoy and appreciate the showrooms. If you are not we will go back a second time after you've had coffee.
  • Mother's who decide that the best way to discipline their two year old daughter is by turning their high chair around while they're screaming to face another table and shun them will be judged by everyone else in the dining room.
  • Children should be left in the playroom by the entrance. Because there is nothing worse than five screaming children around while you are trying to eat your dinner. 
  • You will find your dream kitchen/bedroom/living room/apartment numerous times.
  • Delicious gluten free almond cake exists. And it can be all yours for only $1.99. 

Oh and we also visited a fancy grocery store called Fortinos. Pretty exciting stuff, I know. Hope everyone else had a terrific Tuesday!

Oh and finally, this post is also linked up on Erin's blog, Living In Yellow. This picture below? It's suppose to be a button that leads you directly to her page, but as I've mentioned a couple times before I am not good with technology whatsoever and I couldn't get the button thing to work. And google failed me this time and wouldn't tell me how to do it. So you can admire the picture, and then head over to her blog via this link

life as of lately via the iphone



So I did it. I dyed my hair ombré. And I kind of love it. 


little letters

dear songs on my ipod,
thank you for letting me be your back up singer for three hours. driving home from the cottage basically turned into a concert for one.

dear nana,
it was pretty great to see you today.

dear cars on the highway,
i did not appreciate you tailgating me. not at all. is 120km/h not fast enough for you? i guess not.

dear other car on the highway,
please, please check your blind spot before you try and change lanes. i did not appreciate almost getting hit.

dear mcdonalds,
thank you for making such good french fries.

dear weather,
why did you have to be so awful when i was at the cottage and then decide to be nice as soon as i left?


the day we went jet skiing

Never thought that I'd ever say this, but I went jet skiing today. And now I think I  need to buy one for myself. Yeah, that definitely needs to happen. It was amazing, and surprisingly easy. I had fears of flipping the thing over in an attempt to even get on {because these types of things always seem to happen to me}, but they're surprisingly steady and I was able to manage just fine. There really isn't a better way to get a tour of a lake. Boat rides are so yesterday. Hope you guys had a fantastic Tuesday!

Also, I know I said I would give an update on the whole technology free thing that I mentioned here. So for anyone dying to know how it went ... well it didn't. I tried really hard to 17 hours. But I cracked at 3 am when sleep was impossible and I was getting frustrated. That is all.  



a wonderful monday spent with family

Family pictures. 
Skinny pig photo shoot. 
Great portrait shots of everybody by the water. 
A dog who likes to sit at the front of the boat. All I could picture was Jack and Rose from the titanic, but in dog version. 

Basically my day in four sentences. Happy Monday everyone!